Time limit per question or combined questions


It would be nice to be able to fix a time limit to answer questions, even individually inside quizzes (questions sets).

It would be even nicer to be able to fix a percentage of score for every time range (p.e. reponse between 0-5 secs 100%, 5-10 secs. 75% and so on)


Timed questions
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Hi Fenli,

Yea, I like the feature request. It would stimulates competition, and keeps people from Googling the answer. :)

- Tom

Hi guys,

Any new about this feature? Is it for now just an idea? Under development?

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No news. Hopefully we'll see some community contributed code that would make this possible.

Hello :)

As recent "new" H5P user I'd like to show my interest for this feature as well. 

Time limit for quiz completion would be very useful! Thanks