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Is it possible to make the H5P games responsive so they can optimized on all devices?

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When you say H5P games, are you thinking of all the H5P content types? Most of the content types are responsive, but not all of them.

Specifically the Drag and Drop.

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What do you think should be done with the Drag and Drop to make it more responsive? It woul be great if you register suggestions for improvements here: https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-question/issues

Hi I just created an issue on https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-question/issues/36 and hopefully there's gonna be a discussion from my initial idea. Anyone is invited to contribute by adding ideas for how we can create nice resposiveness for DnD especially. 



do you have any idea why some image hotspots are responsive and some not? Have I overlooked anything? The settings are the same.

For example one image of this content type is responsive at any device. Another one is just responsive on smartphones, but not on tablets.

Any recommendations?

Many thanks, 


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Hi Mobile University,

Can you please elaborate on what you mean with "reponsive". Do you mean that on some devices it does not work or it takes a while for it to work or something else? Also please provide an example content so that we can test it.


Hi BV52, 

thanks for your reply. What i mean is the dynamic sizing of the content type image hotspot. It seems that the dynamic sizing doesn't work on iPad and iPhone, no matter what Browser we use. 

Please find attached an example.

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I've just tested your content on a iPhone 5S, and I can't see any problems. Can you share a screenshot with us, of what the problem is?

- Tom

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I had a brief look at it with browserstack. There might be an issue on iPads when going to full screen in landscape mode. It only happened sometimes though, so it might be a timing issue with going to full screen and resizing.

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I created an issue to fix this bug here.

- Tom


The dynamic sizing isn't a problem if I use the plugin functionality for our LMS. But if I embed the code in our LMS, for example for specific activities like lessons or a simple text box, it is not dynamic on Apple devices. Sorry for the confusion :). 

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I put your last comment into the bug ticket, so that the developer handling it gets the message.

- Tom

Thanks a lot!

Any news regarding this issue? Would love to use this content type soon on our website.

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Development has not started on that issue yet, you can follow its progress here: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-1427