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I'v tried to open a new video chat, but it hasn't seemed to be working. All I got is the "enter room" button, and that's it. I have opened a chat room on my university's model as well as on h5p site.

What did I do wrong?





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Which browser are you using?

Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)


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Does nothing happen when you click the "enter room" button? Do you have any errors in the JavaScript console?


It seems that for some reason I have to use a microphone and a camera to have the app open.

I tested the same app on a different moodle server (from another university) and the video chat open with microphone and without a camera (the camera is disable on my laptop)

Could it be a matter of installation?




fnoks's picture is a video collaboration tool not made by us, but the people at Please check their FAQ if you have any problems related to the video chat.

But I guess it needs access to a camera and a microphone...

I am working on a new video series, and seem to be unable to find video which was included in H5p originally. I know that for a fact because I have a video of setting it up, but now I can't even find it ? What is the deal ?

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Hi brainbender, has been removed from the list of contents that H5P supports. This is due to removing the support for use of their service in iFrames.


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Hello BV52 , as you said has stopped working in iframe container , then what can be solution to this ?

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Hi Mitt94,

I'm afraid there isn't any solution. This content type basically has reached its EOL since the main component is not available anymore.

-BV is now called Wetherby  (or something ) and have modified terms, etc. If you're on Moodle, Big Blue Button has made lots of progress with html. It may be an alternative. 

I'm testing Vectora at this time but haven't tried it on Moodle yet.

Thanks all

Big Blue Button is indeed an option