Add H5P button not visible in the wordpress editor toolbar

Hi! I am new to H5P. Can anyone tell me why the "Add H5P" button is not visible in the wordpress text-editor toolbar. I am using wordpress version 5.1.

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Hi Ravii!

If you're using the Gutenberg editor that was introduced in WordPress 5.0: There's still some work to be done to "convert" the old button to the new editor. You can still use the short codes to include H5P content though.



Thanks for the reply. I am still new to wordpress, so I will try it by looking here and there from the internet. I will give you the feedback soon......... If you can provide any additional clue, then it would be helpful.

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Hi Ravii!

In a nutshell: WordPress recently got a new editor that requires to change some of the code of the H5P plugin before it will show the button again.

If you have a look at the H5P content that you have created, you will see a box bearing the label "shortcode". It will give you the, well, shortcode that you can paste into your post's text where the H5P interaction will appear. It will look something like [H5P id="1"].



Thanks :-) That was helpful.

Shortcodes don't work for me, I'm afraid. I see nothing related to H5P in the shortcode selector, and if I type [H5P id="1"] (yes, my course id is '1') then it just shows "[H5P id="1"]" when published. I'm OK using the H5P embed code for the time being, but that button would be nice.

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Hi Neil,

I've been playing with this and I noticed that if you are adding the shortcode using the "shortcode" option it will not work. You need to use the add code option in the editor.



I tested shortcode and i wrote [H5P id="1"] , but I just see the text on my site. my contenet is not visible....

what I write

what I see


It dosen't work, I write [H5P id="1"] but in shortcode but it didn't work....

Can you help me please????


same trouble here :-(

Hi, could you tell me where to find that add code, you are mentioning?

Hi Oliver,

I use the latest wordpress-version and unfortunately - copying the shortcode does not help publishing my content on the website. Any ideas what I could try to work with h5p in my wordpress-scenario?

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Yup, please answer my questions at :-)

sorry, what shall I reply?

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Here's the link I meant to paste:

[h5p id="1"]