Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summarysort descending Content types Status
make multiple essay questions available in essay content type
"Column" element : using 2 different colors for headers = more clarity Column
"Copy" button on the "Embed" form
'Single Choice Set' with 'Answer Panel' after each question Single Choice Set
(Interactive Book) : Make menu follow scroll interactive book
360 image, hidden hotspots Virtual Tour (360)
360 tour iFrame embedder Virtual Tour (360)
Ability to add a image/s to Accordion Accordion
Ability to rotate Drop Zones Drag and Drop Open
accessibility Quiz (Question Set)
accessibility Iframe Embedder, Video
Accordion; Ability to add subcategories Accordion
Activity completion Moodle while using Active Course Presentation and/or not using the summary slide Course Presentation
Add a Full-Screen button to the "Find Multiple Hotspots" Find Multiple Hotspots
Add a little non-roman keyboard
Add a RETRY button to "Find Multiple Hotspots" Find Multiple Hotspots
Add a RETRY button to Find Multiple Hotspots Find Multiple Hotspots
Add ability to add False answers to Drag Text question types. Open
Add ability to copy/paste a single slide to another course presentation Course Presentation
Add adaptivity Course Presentation Open
Add alignment of objects Course Presentation, Interactive Video, Drag and Drop Open
add an extra tool/button beside text tool within hvp presentation editor
Add audio to Fill in the blanks Open
Add boolean search on my h5p account. Please!! all content types
Add Column to Accordion Accordion Open
Add completion criteria in Moodle Open
Add content type Image Sequencing to list of interactions in Interactive Video Image Sequencing, Interactive Video
Add Dialog Cards to Columns Dialog cards, Column Open
add different image on opposite sides of the same card Dialog cards
add essay content type to course presentation Course Presentation
Add essay to column Column
Add fair use to license options
Add File To Course Presentation Course Presentation
Add Find the Hotspot / Multiple Hotspots in Question Set
Add font size dropdown option in all text editor of H5P content types Course Presentation
Add grid coordinates Memory Game
Add iframe embeder to Course Presentation and Branching Scenario
Add On/Switch Speech input Switch for 'Speak for the Words' speak the words Open
Add option for "Distractors" on Drag-the-Words Drag the Words
Add option to hide video / audio download button in video / audio interaction.
Add option to not fire XAPI statements Interactive Video Open
Add option to remove scoring display Open
Add optional media on top Open
Add scrollbar to Interactive Book when it's not on fullscreen interactive book
add slides as pages inside chapters interactive book
Add tables to accordion editor Accordion Open
Add timing to Memory Game Open
Add voiceovers to course presentations
Add webp to supported image types for Interactive Video image Interactive Video
Adding Audio Recorder to Slider Course Presentation
Adding text fields between questions in Quiz Quiz (Question Set)
adding text option for memory game
Adjustable point values for drag text, etc. Open
Advent Calendar Beta recommendations
Alfabetizar e todas as idades !!! all content types
Allow 2 media elements to one entry in question set Quiz (Question Set)
Allow a CSS upload that can style embedded iframe content
allow apostrophe and punctuation speak the words
Allow embed code from Moodle Open
Allow modification of automatic summary page or award points right away Course Presentation
Allow more types within a Column? Column
Allow reuse of branching scenarios within branching scenarios Branching Scenario
Allow the editing of the course presentation Summary page. Course Presentation
Allow to add alternative that are not displayed when solution appears Fill in the Blanks
Allow users to export the non-interactive content of any H5P content type as a pdf. all content types
Alternate Answers on Flashcards Flashcards
Analytics, Moodle
AppleTV H5P
Approval to use Drag and Drop Drag and Drop
as not all languages are covered, this may be a solution speak the words
Assign participant to group based on H5P result in Moodle Open
audio background music player for all h5p content types
audio files in the textblock of fill in blanks
Audio in questions
Audio recording New Content type In progress
Author can use iframes inside CP Course Presentation Open
Auto-expand accordion panel Accordion Open
autoembed core
automatic submission of answers in interactive video Interactive Video
Availability restriction plugin for Moodle Open
basic animation of objects; moving, rotating and resizing Course Presentation
better organization of the empty space Column
Branching Scenario - Please remove the word limit for answer options Branching Scenario
Branching Scenario Conditional Logic Branching Scenario
Branching Scenario Within Interactive Book Branching Scenario
Branching tool jump to URL Branching Scenario
bulk export/import or download/upload tool
Button for new questions (instead of refresh) Memory Game
Captions for Interactive Video Interactive Video Open
Change animation after question-completion Open
Change the name of the Bookmark label Interactive Video
Change tracking
characters for text input
Classroom mode
Click to reveal elements Course Presentation Open
Clickable external link area Course Presentation Open
Clone Content Types [Wordpress] Open
Clone Folders, not just H5P Files, on H5P.com
Code view editor Course Presentation Open
Colocar imagem na capa do livro