Can not display H5P Video on my website...using WordPress

Hello everyone,

I'm still new to H5P.... and have installed the plugin on my website (runs with Wordpress). So far so good: I can load and edit my video via the plugin - and save my H5P project. BUT: I can't add the video to my website.

I tried it like this: When the video is finished with H5P, I copy the shortcode and paste it on my target website. But then the video won't show up.

I'm desperate. What am I doing wrong???


Hallo Zusammen,

ich bin noch  neu bei H5P....und habe das Plugin auf meiner Website (läuft mit Wordpress) installiert. Soweit so gut: Ich kann mein Video über das Plugin laden und bearbeiten - und mein H5P Projekt  speichern. ABER: Ich kann das Video dann nicht auf meiner Website einfügen.

Ich habe es so versucht: Wenn das Video fertig mit H5P bearbeitet ist, kopiere ich den Shortcode und füge diesen auf meiner Ziel-Website ein. Aber: das Video wird dann nicht angezeigt....

Bin verzweifelt. Was mache ich falsch???

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Hi Frank!

Copying the shortcode is one way to add H5P content to WordPress posts or pages, nothing wrong about that. Where exactly are you pasting it to? Are there any error messages on the console of the browser's developer tools (in most browsers opened by pressing F12) when you try to display the content? Are you running any other plugins that might interfere, e.g. some that add contents it tabs or lightboxes? ...


Hi Oliver,

thanx for you input! And no - when i paste the shortcode (on my new website, right under the title) I do not get any error messages..

when I save & display the page it simoply does not show the video i created in h5p.

important: when i edit my page i do not find the h5p button that should be there....

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The H5P button is only present if you do not use the Gutenberg editor of WordPress, but the Classic editor. But that should not matter, as shortcodes still work fine in a block. Normally.

Are you running any other plugins that might interfere, e.g. some that add contents in tabs or lightboxes? ...