Feature request: Add grading method for H5P Moodle activity

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Moodle H5P-activity (with questions) saves only the last grade student have received. 

I would like to see an feature that lets the teacher choose which grade is saved for the student f.ex. "highest grade" this way student can reopen H5P-activity without losing their previous grade when they want to read through the material again.

This have been implemented f.ex. in Quiz-activity with setting "Grading method" which lets you choose "highest grade/avarage grade/first attempt/last attempt"

Save content state in Learndash


First: I'm adding H5P content to the Grassblade xAPI content and then adding it to a question in shortcode and in the metabox for completion tracking. The problem is that it isn't being accounted by Learndash. Even when I answer it correctly the Learndash LMS says I responded wrong, how can I solve this?

Second: I would like to know if it's possible to save an user's answer and prevent him from retrying to answer a question with a xAPI Content which has a H5P content, specifically, on the Learndash LMS.

The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package(H5p module update time Error)

VM2251 h5p.js:876 Invalid library params for: H5P.QuestionSet 1.15 this type of error is genrate when i click on my question set that way i  am update my question set but when i update my question set that time The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package this erro genrate..

what should i do next?


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