Create a scoring base based on a quizz


I would like to set up a specific test on my blog.
However I don’t know if it’s possible or if there is any solution for that.

I have about 20 questions. Theses questions belongs to some block of questions. When the user answer a specific question, a specific score is assigned to this.

At end I would like to have the score for each block in order then to display a scoring bar.

Adding the ability to add questions that contain complex mathematical formula and scientific equations

Hi H5P folk,

Firstly, I'm a big fan of your content creator! I've used it extensiviely as a .org customer and am about to trial it in my Faculty. I'm in a faculty that teaches engineering and I.T., so I know something that they would love to see would be the ability for a content creator to imput complex mathematical and scientific formular. 

Self-assessment with summary (questions with no Correct/Incorrect scoring)

Not sure if this is currently possible or not - if it is I'd really appreciate guidance on how to achieve it.  It's something I've been asked for (in Moodle) that might not be a huge deviation from existing activity types and would complement the Personality Test, for example.