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automatic Interactive Video as part of branching scenario starts too early

1.) When an interactive video is part of a branching scenario and it is defined to be autoplayed after a specific branching question, the interactive video starts already when the question is displayed and not afterwards. It works, if you use youtube videos, but not when videos are stored locally.

2.) Drupal 7.67

3.) Desktop and Mobile

4.) Browser: all

5.) H5P plugin version: 7.x-1.43

6.) H5P Content Type is Branching Scenario (beta) (1.0.10)

Branching Scenario Tool - automatic opening of the branching question


I am using the Branching Tool. To get to the Branching Questions after my video I have to click on the Proceed Button.

On the Website of H5P ( is a video, where the questions opens automatically at the end of the video.

Which options do I have to set for this?

I can`t find them.

Also when I take a interaktives video i can`t hide the navigation under the video. When I take a normal video, the option is available.

Thanks for your help,