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Offline Content Use

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Is there a way for a H5P file to be stand alone, that it is available for a offline use?

If you are viewing H5P content (a interactive course for example) on a wordpress website, or android/ios app that utilizes H5P you are viewing a file hosted on that wordpress website.

But if there is no internet connection, I would love to have a feature where user previously downloads a h5p (interactive course) and it is running it on his phone/tablet without internet connection.

Please ask any question in order to explain you better what I have in mind :)

Interactive Couse - Visual Problem - Progressbar circles not appearing corectlly

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Hello Guys,

I am using Wordpress plugin and your website to create interactive course content. I am testing on mobile and destop. Browsers Mozzila and Chrome.

I noticed that circles on progressbar at bottom are not appearing correctly. When you answer some interactivity the empty circle is changed to full circle, this doesn't happend to all of question types.