Audio recorder

Audio Recorder


I've tried the Audio Recorder on my WordPress page.

Currently, when the recording is done, it'll have a Download button. 

But how can I change this "Download" button to ie. "Save" which :

(i) upload the recorded wav file to our own (WordPress) server and 

(ii) display a simple audio player of that wav file (with a Delete button)

Can this be achieved? Thank you in advance.

With Regards, Will

audio recorder content not showing - javascript errors


When I view the official H5P site's Audio Recorder page in Chrome I see the audio recorder and it seems to function as expected. On my client wordpress site the Audio recorder is not showing on the page.  I do see there are some javascript errors happening, and they go away when I remove the H5P audio recorder shortcode. 

The errors indicate a security issue that the page is detecting, so that is why it is not showing the content. I'm not sure how to fix this.

I have updated all plugins and theme, and the WordPress Core is up to date.

Acess to unminified JS Code of ContentTypes



I would like to understand, how the AudioRecorder works. I tried to work through the JS Code, but only found the minified version in the "dist" folder and the source code on (I suggest that needs to be bundled by wepack, before it can be executed on the browser). As I don't know how Webpack works, I'd like to ask if there is a unminified JS Code also?