Audio recorder

Audio recorder files on Wordpress server


I want to create a wordpress page where my users can:

  1. Record their voices using Audio recorder,
  2. Then have their recording available to other users to browse via a playlist.
  3. And ideally, users should be able to enter their name when recording...
  4. So that other users can comment on and share a speicific user's audio recording. 

So I created an audio recorder in H5P and put in on my visual composer page. I can record and download the wav too. That's where I'm stuck!

Teacher Review Option for Certain Activities in Moodle

Many of the activities have no way to automatically give a grade, requiring the teacher to grade manually.  But the teacher has no way to see what a student has done in the activity.  For example, the audio recorder would be great to use for foreign language assignments but there is no way for a teacher to hear what the students have recorded.