Speak the words and Speak the words Set

French Speak the Words

We are trying to use speak the words in our online French courses but we are having problems with some of them not recognizing or accepting the correct answers. Here is one we created, it will show that it recognized the correct speech, however, it will still mark it as wrong? I pasted an example below. Any ideas? 


Suppress "Show Solution" in "Speak the Word"

Hello. I think it would be very helpful to be able to suppress the "show solution" button with the "Speak the Word" content type. In other words, if I am making an educational game for my students, and I want them to learn a password from one part of the game, then speak the password in a different part of that game, it won't work if they can just "show solution" -- It would also work if I wanted them to look up the information in the appropriate source, and then try again when they know the answer.

Speak the words content allows use different webservices

User story:
As a content creator I can use different speech to google or IBM text webservice.

Current functionality only allows user to use Speak the words with chrome.

User is no longer required to use Speak the words in chrome.

Technical solution:
Speak the words content is modified so that allows use of IBM and Google STT API instead of chrome's.