Question Set

Ascii and subscript/superscript (Question Set)

hello, a colleague wants to use the "question set" (multiple choise, fill in the blanks, mark the words, true/false question). she has to use physical formulas and greek letters, but h5p does not accept Ascii. she writes the letters in word and uses copy/paste to transfer them in H5P. is there an eaysier way? she has also problems with subscript and superscript. it seems, that you cannot use this in H5P?

Questions in Hindi language are cropped from top

The Hindi language characters go above the line in comparison to English. This leads to questions in Hindi language being cropped a little bit from top. If a question in "Question Set" has an image then text will appear fine but question without image will be cropped. Though English translation of same Hindi content displays fine.

A minor tweak to the CSS as mentioned below displays them well.

Original CSS and output

.h5p-question > *:first-child { margin-top: 0; }

Import/export single questions in/from question set

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Hi all,

is there a possibility to export/download single questions from question sets?

As far as I found out, I can only download whole question sets.

And the other way round, is there a possibilty to import single H5P question into question sets?

Both possibilties would make (my) life easier. So I hope I overlooked the mentioned functions and any of you guys could give me the needed hint.

thanks *n