Moodle Improvements

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The goal of this release is to improve the Moodle plugin and take it one step closer to being marked with the stable maturity. It is currently marked as a release candidate. Drag and Drop, Memory Game and a couple of other content types also received enhancements thanks to the work of passionate developers in the community.

Backup and Restore functionality added for Moodle

'Backup and Restore' functionality has been added to the H5P Moodle plugin thanks to a timely contribution by Paul Vaughan and the veteran Finnish contributor Juho Jaakkola. You can now backup and restore Moodle Courses that contain H5P content in the same way you would with normal Moodle Courses. It's been a highly requested feature and I think many will be happy that it is finally here. The backup and restore features in Moodle are used for so much more than backing up and restoring courses. H5P content is an integrated part of the courses that should follow along when courses are being moved around.

Customize the style of H5Ps in Moodle

The latest release of the Moodle plugin also gives developers and designers the ability to customize the style of H5Ps. Thanks to a few pull requests by Eiz Eddin A., hooks for altering the semantics, parameters, and styles of H5P libraries have been added:

Content type improvements:

Bugs fixed

  • Editing an existing IV fails
  • Core library does not handle certain Drupal languages
  • Course Presentation editor: editor keys broken (Safari bug)
  • Drupal scoring not stored properly
  • Interactive Video: seek bar handle bug when using youtube
  • Make Column xAPIData work for children that aren't tasks
  • IVHotspot: can't save after picking color for texts
  • QS: Solution mode triggers xAPI events for sub-questions
  • WYSIWYG Text fields not saving text changes

New translations

Updates to the following content types thanks to contributions on GitHub:

  • Interactive Video: Japanese (kagoya), Dutch (otacke and joostelhoff), German
  • (otacke)
  • Course Presentation: Japanese (kagoya), Dutch (otacke and joostelhoff)
  • Course Presentation Editor: German (fhuebler)
  • Timeline: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • Image Hotspot Editor: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • Drag-n-Bar: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • Twitter User Feed: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • True/False: Dutch (ReneBreedveld)
  • Accordion: Japanese (kagoya)
  • Greeting Card: Japanese (kagoya)
  • Drag Question: German (otacke)
  • Multi Choice: German (otacke)
  • Video: Hebrew (nadavkav)
  • Continuous Text: Dutch (otacke and joostelhoff)
  • Editor PHP Library: Dutch (otacke and joostelhoff)
  • Dialog Cards: German (otacke)


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