H5P is cooperation partner of the #OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg!

We are pleased to announce that H5P is this year's cooperation partner of the #OERcamp in Hamburg, Germany and that H5P will be represented with several workshops and a community meeting at the OERcamp.

Workshops on H5P with Oliver Tacke on 15. and 16.6.2018 at the #OERcamp in Hamburg, Germany

There will be various workshops on H5P at #OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg H5P expert Oliver Tacke will be the workshop host. He offers an introduction to H5P and will host further workshops on how everyone can contribute to the development of Open Source projects, even without programming skills.

Meeting of the H5P community at OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg

There will be a meeting of the H5P community at 10 a.m. on 15.6.2018 at the venue of the OERcamp in Hamburg, Berufliche Schule für Medien und Kommunikation (BMK), Eulenkamp 46, 22049 Hamburg

What is an #OERcamp?

The #OERcamps in Germany started in 2012 and have since taken place 9 times in several cities across the country, each gathering between 80 and 300 participants from all sectors and all fields of education.

#OERcamps open up new and contemporary formats for learning based on openness, sharing, personal meaning, participation and equality. They are the appropriate format of education for a time in which we are depending on not only transferring fixed knowledge but also co-creating new knowledge. #OERcamps are about sharing, discussing, negotiating solutions for a world in change.

#OERcamps provide a radical “open to all” approach by lowering the barriers to attend by removing participation fees and any formal requirements, fostering cross sectoral collaboration, encouraging volunteering and peer to peer support for participants. They provide a base and a hub for the flourishing German OER community.

#OERcamps are also the source of collective development and use of OER. Sessions are documented using collaborative text documents, blogging, podcasts etc. which are mostly shared under a CC BY licence. Hundreds of documents have been created since the beginning and innumerable OER activities were born, initiated, promoted, catalysed and pursued.

General information about OERcamp in English can be found here. Further information about OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg (in German) can be found on the OERcamp website.