Content upgrade is here!

It's now possible to upgrade the content which is stuck using the older versions of your favorite content library.

Let's say you have 50 interactive videos using "Interactive Video 1.0" and wish to migrate over to the newer improved "Interactive Video 1.2" (which has support for bookmarks ++). This can now easily be done through the new content upgrade system, which is available in the libraries admin section of your plugin or module.

Simply upload the new version of the content library.

Press the content upgrade button next to the old library.

At the next screen, you'll be able to select which version you wish to upgrade to, and start the process by pressing the "Upgrade" button.

You should now be able to just sit back and watch the progress. Please note that the upgrade process will stop if you navigate away from the page.

If you are a library developer, you can now make changes to your semantics and not have to worry about being compatible with old versions of your library. You can simply create upgrades.js and put migration functions in there, describing the differences between the versions. An example can be viewed here, where we put an extra wrapper around interactions to make space for the bookmarks.

You can read more about the content upgrade in the documentation section.

Good luck upgrading your content, and don't hesitate to use the forums for help or providing us with your feedback. Remember that you will be contributing to a better product for everyone.