December Webinars Recap

Get an introduction to H5P Content Authoring and H5P Development


Content Author Webinar Recap

This webinar is aimed at content authors who want to learn more about creating great interactive content using the H5P content types. Course Presentation and Interactive Video will be the main content types used to demonstrate content authoring. No prior knowledge is necessary to take advantage of this webinar.


  Learn more H5P Content Authoring


Developer Webinar Recap

The webinar is aimed at developers who want to learn more about developing for H5P, using the APIs, the documentation and creating content types from scratch. You should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript to take full advantage of this webinar.


Learn more about H5P Development


If you have any comments about the webinars or want to add suggestions for future webinars, feel free to leave a comment below.