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As a member of the H5P Supporter Network you can use the H5P Supporter logo in your H5P related activity and in your marketing of H5P related products and services. How can I use this logo?

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The H5P trademark — i.e. the word "H5P" and the "H5P logo" — is owned and controlled by Joubel AS, who cooperates with the H5P Supporter Network and the customers of to develop the H5P software. As a member of the H5P Supporter network, you are not licensed to use the H5P trademark. As a member of the H5P Supporter network you are given a license to use the "H5P Supporter logo" with the following policy.

  1. The "H5P Supporter logo" includes the H5P Trademark, and cannot be edited, cut, modified or changed in any way, but must be used in its full form.
  2. You exclusively use the "H5P Supporter logo" to projects related to the H5P software, or projects that encourage the use of the H5P software or an H5P related product or service.
  3. The "H5P Supporter logo" cannot be used for a purpose that may negatively impact the H5P software, H5P community or Joubel.
  4. Your name, or the name of your organization or company must be used in combination with the "H5P Supporter logo" so that there is no confusion about the true source of your product or service. The combination of the "H5P Supporter logo" and the name of your product or service must be unique and identifiable. The H5P Supporter logo must not be used in a way that implies and endorsement from H5P or Joubel, or make it seem as if your product or services are official H5P products or services.
  5. Your right to use the H5P Supporter logo lasts for one year at a time and requires that you've paid for your yearly H5P Supporter Network membership associated with the H5P Supporter logo.
  6. This policy may change over time. You accept that all licenses accorded under this policy are non- exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub- licensable, revocable at any time, and subject to changes in policy. Any change to the policy, published on, will take effect after 40 days.
  7. Any license granted under this policy can be terminated upon 40 days’ prior written notice if you breach any provision of this policy. If your breach can be cured (and you have not previously breached this policy), you may be granted 40 days from the date of notice to cure the breach.
  8. All disputes with regards to this policy or any permission granted by it must be solved by jurisdictions of the local court of Nord-Troms Tingrett in Tromsø, Norway.