H5P export finished

H5P's may now be exported. For a long time we've supported importing H5Ps, now we've gone full circle and also supports exporting H5P's. This means that if you as an editor finds H5P content on another site, and that site has H5P export enabled, you may download the content, upload it to your CMS, customize it and share it.

Take a look at demo.h5p.org. Here the export feature is enabled and you may export content from here and import it to your own site, make customizations and publish it.

For our e-learning users this means that if you find e-learning content on another site that is almost perfect for your use case, but lacks a few details you may download the content, upload it to your own site and add those details.

H5P's biggest sponsor NDLA licences all their content with Creative Commons licenses. With the H5P export enabled similar initiatives in other countries may easily download and translate NDLA content and publish it on their own sites.

With H5P, we hope to make it a lot easier to share rich content and applications!