H5Ps may now store scores

Results from tests and other H5P interactivities are now stored in both Drupal and Wordpress. This means that H5P may be used for homework and other use-cases where activities and results need to be tracked. H5P stores when a user starts the activity, when he finishes, how many points he got of how many possible points.

It is possible to list all results for a specific H5P:

And it is also possible for a user to list his own results from all the H5Ps he has been using:

In wordpress the result views are built into the H5P Plugin. Just update your plugin and you'll get all these features.

In Drupal you'll need to have the views module installed and enabled to get these views, and you may use the views module in Drupal to create additional views.

The results feature will be expanded a lot in the future to support results for users that are not logged in, store what the users actually answered, evaluate the answer on the server for security reasons and more, but we hope we're now covering the most important features so that users may start to use H5P in contexts that require activity and result tracking.