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If you like to share a link to an H5P on your own site, you are more than welcome to do so. Any topics are appreciated. Press the Share a link button below to add your link.

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Clone and edit

H5P is unique by making all content editable - for everyone. To get a head start with your contibution, you may use any of the H5Ps further down on this page as a starting point. Simply press the Clone and edit button below the H5P of your choice, and start editing.  


Open Educational Resources (OER) timeline

H5P goes hand in hand with the purpose of OER. H5P is an open source technology that is designed to be reusable for everyone and free of charge. The timeline below is shared by Christer Gundersen

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Other content examples you can work with

The content examples presented here are shared by the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena.  

Getting to know Australia – Interactive Presentation

What do you know about Australia? This Interactive Presentation provides you with a lot of knowledge about Australia and includes different H5P content types in the presentation. You can translate it to our own language or use is as inspiration to make one about your own country. 

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Flag– Drag and Drop

This H5P presents the British Isles Flags with Drag and Drop. What about creating our own version with e.g. the European Flags, US state Flags or African Flags? Another version could be dragging flags to the right country on a map. 

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Football (Soccer) – Interactive Presentation

Football is a sport that is loved by a lot of people. "Which Football Team has this Nick?" is what you can engage with in this H5P. Maybe you have another great idea where football knowledge can be tested with H5P?

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US state nicknames – Multiple Choice

Multiple choice is easy and fun to create. How many official US state nicknames do you know? Get inspired to make your own multiple choice example.

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General knowledge – Quiz

Increasing general knowledge is always fun. Here you can test your UK knowledge. Try making your own knowledge quiz or translate this to a new language.

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How to Use, Evaluate and Cite – Interactive Presentation

This presentation aims to teach you how to use, evaluate and cite sources of information, but interactivity isn’t added. Maybe you would like to add different activities like Fill in the Blanks, Drag the Words or Multiple Choice?

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For more detailed instructions on how to get up and running with H5P, see the get started information

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