Drag the words - how to use distractors

What is the capital of Norway? *Oslo* London Berlin Paris

So, four options are shown and only one is correct (there are three distractors).

I note that the ability to add distractors has been added in January 2020 (https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-text/pull/51). However, I can't work out how to implement it! The GitHub text says "Enter extra solutions that are wrong as distractors. Use the same asterisk (*) scheme as for the text."

I've tried putting asterisks around each of the answers with Oslo the first item: *Oslo* *London* *Berlin* *Paris* . But that creates 4 blank spots.

I've tried putting asterisks around only Oslo and listing the others afterwards: *Oslo* London Berlin Paris.  That creates one blank spot but Oslo is the only option to be dragged. And the other country capitals are shown as part of the question – after the blank spot.

So, how do I get four options to be dragged to one blank spot with only one answer correct?

Please can you give me an example?

With thanks,


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Hi Kevin!

You currently can't do that, but there's a pull-request for adding that feature: https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-text/pull/51

The H5P core team will just have to find some time to review and release it.



Please review and release this feature! 

Last comment in GitHub is from Jan 2020. Is the feature request dead?
The only other way to build in distractors is with a full-fledged drag-and-drop setup, which is quite cumbersome and "overkill" for a strictly text-based question. 

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Hi GWied!

My request itself is still open, but I am not aware how pull requests get prioritized by the H5P core team or what their resources are.


distractors option still desperatepy needed. any updates concerning this feature request?


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This feature has been available since version 1.10.9 of Drag the Words that was released on December 18, 2023.


thank you very much, otacke!

where can i find how to use it?

Sorry if you think this is a sally issue but I was able to get distrators in drag the words   question as a part of a Quiz activity in H5P calling library from a standalone drag the word question and copy/paste into Quiz activity. This is the workaround after what behaviour of this type of question was upgraded from library.  I'm using Lumi. Hope to be usefull for others like me after two hours searching for find this property.


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Hi AndRei5 and jesusariza,

This update was released in December of last year. Self-hosters using the H5P plugin in Moodle, Drupal or Wordpress would need to update the libraries for Drag the Words to get the new feature. You need to have administrator access to be able to update the libraries. H5P.com customers can already use this feature as it has already been updated in our servers. I don't have an idea how this feature can be used in custom versions of H5P like in in Lumi or the Moodle core integration. It is best that you reach out to the developers of these integrations for assistance. 


I was able to use distrators in Lumi Quiz. Firts using an standalong drag the word where library was updated and distrators appears as an option. And second copy and paste the question into a Quiz in Lumi. Afterwards all drag the word question type show distrators options whatever is used.  This was de way I updated the library. I take 2 hours to find it and hopping to be usefull for others.