Displaying and creating Drupal8 H5P plugin content in java + angular 2 webapp

Hi everyone!
I'm wondering if the thing in the title is possible.
I have a Java back-end + Angular 2 front-end project, and also a drupal8 site (different host) that has the H5P plugin, where you can create interactive content.
Would it be possible to somehow get the drupal8 and H5P content to my application in such a way that I could create content in my java + angular web app and it would save it to the drupal8 server/db/site.
I know I can display ready-made H5P content using iframes, but how about actually creating and modyifying it?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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You'd have to port the core of H5P to Java at least, cmp. https://h5p.org/creating-your-own-h5p-plugin