interactive content not displaying in moodle site

Hello there.

So i have been trying to figgure out why my question dont show up in the question set that i created. I thought that it might just be the question set... but it doesnt seem to be showing anything content that i create using the hub. i have tried doing a quiz with multi-choice questions. i have tried doing images... everything.... and all have the same outcome.. 

Maybe im doing something wrong.. idk. but its frustrating... I have checked around to see if i could find a solution before posting.. but if i missed something i apologize. i have checked to verify that i have the done any updates, and soforth.. it seems i have..


please help

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Hi, please provide some more info on what exactly is not working.

Are you getting any errors in your browser console or in your server log ?
Are you able to create content through the editor ? When you upload an image does it show in the editor ? What happens when you press save ?

If this is working as normal it is most likely a conflicting plugin or theme, try deactivating other plugins and switch to the default theme to see if this may be the case.