Can I use H5P without installation?

Hello, I currently do not use any of the platforms mentioned as Drupal wordpress or Moodle ... but I would like to use the H5P resources and insert them as iframe. 

Is there any limit to create elements from or is it not recommended to use it in that way?

It is for educational purposes

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Hi tecprototipos,

The only limitations that I could think of is that if you need to upload a picture, video or audio larger than 16 MB will not accept it. Other than that it is ok to host your content here.


Thank you for responding, I comment that I am analyzing the option of integrating H5P resources as educational resources at a University in Mexico, thank you for your attention.

I have the following doubts:

In the case of Blackboard, is there any way to be able to register score from the h5p interactive resources and save it to Blackboard?

Do you have a date to support or some integration module with Blackboard or canvas?

Can you integrate it in any way with Articulate Storyline?

The main platforms we use are Bllackboard, Canvas, SuccessFactors so I am interested in knowing how I can use the maximum H5P, mainly the registration of points in the grade center.


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When launches you can integrate seamlessly with Blackboard and Canvas through LTI, this will also provide scores. I'm not particularly familiar with Articulate Storyline or SuccessFactors, so I don't know how you would want to integrate with those.