Connect moodle interactive video to the outer world



I am using the interactive video plugin of Moodle (inside a docker), my final aim is to send all user actions to an outer server (using xAPi).

I downloaded this moodle-plugin:

and, I tried to use this exemple to edit it:


So, in details, I modified the method hvp_alter_scripts in the file renderer.php file, in the moodle plugin, by adding: 


public function hvp_alter_scripts(&$scripts, $libraries, $embedtype) {
        global $CFG;
        if (
            isset($libraries['H5P.InteractiveVideo']) &&
            $libraries['H5P.InteractiveVideo']['majorVersion'] == '1'
        ) {
            $include_file = ($embedType === 'editor' ? 'customEditor.js' : 'custom.js');
            $scripts[] = (object) array(
                'path'    => $CFG->httpswwwroot . '/theme/h5pmod/metal/' . $include_file,
                'version' => '?ver=0.0.1',
  I also created the custom.js and customEditor.js as in the exemple.  The actual problem is is show, in the figure: It keeps loading, and seem that it can't find the folder js. Folder paths in the exemple are not clear. Do you have any advice?     



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