D8 Release, H5P Hub


I'm running Drupal 8.3.5, and I just installed the 31 Jul 8.1 alpha relsease plugin. I've set my permissions and elected the "Use H5P Hub" in the module configuration, but I can't seem to find the interaface anywhere. I have access to an upload directory and file picker, but I'm not seeing any reference to an integrated HUB. Did I miss a step in installation?

Thank you!

Hub Error with Drupal 8
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Hi, the Drupal 8 implementation differs quite a bit from the Drupal 7 implementation of H5P. H5P is implemented as a field in Drupal 8, which means you have to create your own content type, and add H5P as a field to it. When you have added H5P as a field, you can specify to use the "H5P Editor" widget for this field, which will show the content type hub when creating the new content type. To read more about how to create a content type with your own fields you can read the guide at drupal.org.

Much appreciated! I am new to 8 (only a few weeks in use), so I really appreciate the hand. 

Things appear to be working, thanks! Except having access to shortcodes. The option to enable does not appear in any of my text formats, or even if I created a new one. Again, is there a configuration I'm missing? Using the formula [h5p=nodeID] does not render, just as a test.

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I don't think shortcodes are implemented for the alpha version of the plugin.

Bummer. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes out for beta.