When is a task a task?

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H5P.Agamotto now triggers the xAPI events:

  • experienced when the user views the interaction,
  • interacted when the user uses the slider or keys to view other images or if he clicks on a link, and
  • completed when all the images have been viewed.

I wonder if H5P.Agamotto should be considered a task in the sense of H5P.Column if it was to be included there.While the interaction can be considered completed when all the images have been viewed -- and this behavior could be desired by the instructional designer -- it doesn't involve any scores.

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Currently compound content types such as Column requires all "tasks" within it to be "completed" before Column itself is completed and gives a score. If Agamotto was to be included as a task it could lead to quite unintuitive scenarios. Let's say you answer all content types that has questions inside the Column, but did not go through all images in Agamotto, you would still expect to get a score for Column. However since Column requires all tasks to be completed before giving a "completed" event, which leads to a score being registered, you would not get a score. In light of this, only tasks that must be answered for Column to be considered completed should be added as tasks to Column.

This system is not perfect, for instance you would expect that you could be able to complete a Column and get a score without having to answer all questions within a Column. Hopefully we can improve upon this model in the near future :)

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Got it, and I agree. Thanks!