Broken editor when cloning most recent h5p-mark-the-words library

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I'm trying to modify the most recent mark-the-words library and have cloned the library itself and all dependencies into the Drupal development folder of my development machine. The library itself works fine (the +1 / -1 bubbles when pressing check work), but I have trouble with the H5P Editor for the library: If I try to edit the content, the editor isn't completely loaded and there's an exception in JavaScript (see attached screenshot).

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but here are my guesses: 

  • Am I missing some dependencies? I've already manually added h5p-font-icon, h5p-editor-range-list and h5p-editor-table-list to the development folder, but the problem persists.
  • Is my H5P Editor in Drupal out of date? I'm using the regular H5P and H5PEditor module from the Drupal website. If this might be the problem, how do I update it?

The problem only exists with the most recent mark-the-words library. A few commits ago everything was working fine.

Thanks for any help!

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Looks like Tablelist is not found from your screenshot. There can be many reasons for this.

We have been making some changes to the versions of the libraries lately so your versions may be out of sync. Are you on the 'master' branch, and is this a production server ? We recommend to only use 'master' branch for development purposes, not using it in a live environment. 'stable' branch should be stable and have the proper versions. If this is the case you might have to reinstall H5P, or delete the older versions that exceeds the version number that libraries has been lowered to.

If you're using H5P for development in Drupal you can replace the H5P plugin folder with the repository from, and the development branch will be '7.x-1.x-dev'.

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Thank's for your advice! I'm not running a production server in the sense that it's used for production, but the h5p version installed in Druapl is the latest release. I want to start port a library I've written for another platform to h5p and for this I'd like to get into h5p development and I thought fiddling around with some existing libraries would be a good starting point.

I think the reason for my issue is the mismatch between production plugin version and the master branch of the library. I'll try replacing the h5p drupal plugin with the development branch!