Interactive Book: Pasting not possible

Tried it in Moodle:

  1. Create an "Interactive Book".
  2. Copy any content (e.g. an Interactive Video) from somewhere on the same site.
  3. The Button "Paste an Replace" stays greyed out.
  4. It still works the other way: You can paste something from interactive book into any other content type, but yo cannot paste something from another content type to interactive book.

This is a real bummer, becaus, obviously, it is a standard use case to organize prevously created content within an interactive book and this seems impossible (at least in Moodle) for now.

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Hi avohns75,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an exisitng bug report for this issue. If I'm not mistaken the reason for this is that the Interactive book uses an older version of these libraries that is why pasting into it is not possible but it is possible to do it the other way around. I will follow up with the core team regarding this issue.


Hi, I think I found a solution: It is the other way around. My interactive video was about half a year old and may have used an older version of the library. I just opend it, saved it, and after that I was actually possible to paste it into the interactive book.
So it seems you will have to update any previously created content (by opening and saving it), which is a bit of work but not an absolute showstopper.


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You can also update existing content in bulk on the library settings page of the plugin.



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I had the same issue with Interactive Video and I tried this - it will now paste and replace....thank you!