H5P is not working with ajax call


Hello H5p developer , 

your plugin is best plugin ever but i have some issue with that can you please tell me what should i do for my issue. the issue is i have added h5p shortcode in wp-admin side in one of the page editor but when i am doing ajax call the content all loading but h5p content not laoding just showing iframe but innder <html></html> not appending do i need to refresh the h5p code in my ajax call function ot anything please save me from this issue..i did add in h5p.init() method in jquery also but did not work all the h5p js there in site but when i am doing ajax call the in iframe content not adding so that's why have issue in js file h5p.js file.. 

Thanks in advance..much needed your help!!!
Please see image : 


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Can you give us a link with an example?