Pull requests regarding Korean version translations

Hi, I am translating H5P content types at H5P github (https://github.com/h5p) and making pulling requests as soon as I finish translating one content type at Github. I am doing this for Korean Moodle H5P users. I hope that I can offer Moodle H5P training sessions to Korean teachers starting this coming November. I have three questions about my work to make sure I am doing all right to serve the purpose:

1. I finished translating Moodle H5P mod_hvp through Moodle translation system(https://moodle.org/plugins/translations.php?plugin=mod_hvp) and staged my work. As far as I understand, what I did at the Moodle AMOS translator is about Moodle H5P plugin. So, it does not affect H5P editor and content types on Moodle. Do I have correct understanding?

2. Based on my understand shown on the NO.1 question, I am translating H5P content types and editors at H5P github (https://github.com/h5p) and have opened 14 pull requests regarding ko.json files. MR. Oliver Tacke accepted my pull request reqarding my h5p-agamotto ko.json file very fast. However, I am wondering I am doing a right work of translation to make Moodle H5P content types and editors translated into Korean. If I create ko.json files at H5P github (https://github.com/h5p) and continue opening pull requestion just as I do right now, will they be accepted and affect Moodle H5P content types and editors?

3. I plan to finish Korean translations on H5P GitHub and open pull requests by 10 October. Is there any possibility of the translated work being reflected to Moodle before I offer H5P Moodle training to Korean teachers around 10 November?

I would like to show my deep gratitude to H5P teams because H5P opened a new era of e-learning content authoring. I would appreciate it if anybody confirms that I am on a right track and answers my questions. Thank you in advance. Have a great one! 


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Hi totoro!

1) I don't know much about moodle dev ops, so maybe someone else could answer that question.

2) You're doing everything perfectly fine. Pål merges in language pull requests roughly every 1-2 weeks, and then the changes will be available once he released a new version of the respective content type/plugin on every platform including moodle.

3) I am not sure about the release dates for updates to content types, maybe someone from the H5P core team could answer that one. However, you can always patch your system ...


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Hi All,

I'm not really sure about the timeline but as far as I know we are just waiting for completion of the H5P OER Hub before any release.