Template to create interactive video

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Dear H5Pians,

Here is a template that I planned and using to train academicians to create interactive videos. Feel free to comment. likewise please do suggest if I am missing anything. 


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I'd be interested in seeing what your final product looks like and hearing a bit more about how your template helped you get there.  I'm having a difficult time tying it all together in my head. 

My thought was to use the Interactive Video type as a sort of 'choose your own adventure' style of video to train our employees in customer service.  Sort of like Bandersnatch on Netflix, if you watched and remember that.  

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Thank you, you can create  'choose your own adventure'  type of material using either by Interactive video or even using Course presentation. Adaptivity ability is the key. As far as I understood here iis the scenario you may be looking for:

1. User access slide one or video one and a question comes with two options to choose their path. 

2. Depending upon user selection they land at time code of the video or slide if it is slide presentation. 

Is this kind you are looking for?

please mail me, ([email protected]) I can help you create adaptive learning style of material.

havefunwith H5P.