NodeJS installation


Is there any way that we can install H5p on a NodeJS server?

If not, is there any initiative happening in that direction?



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Hi RmR,

I'm not really sure but maybe these may help:


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Hi all!

There's a (not yet complete, but very solid) port of the H5P core to node.js at that powers at least one large site and also the Lumi application.


Thanks. Will check it out

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Hi RmR,

I wrote most of the code of h5p-nodejs-library, and I'd be happy to help you out if you have questions that are not answered in the docs or if you want to find out whether the library is the right thing for you or not. You can write me at serettig at posteo dot de


Hello Sebastian:

I was tied up last couple of days. Let me go through your link and take up the offer of connecting with you. Thanks ~RmR