Storage limit on H5P

Please can you let me knwo how big the allowed storage capacity per user ?


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Hi Shaun,

There isn't an actual storage limit for your contents that you create in Not that I know of at least, personally I already havr 50+ contents hosted on the site. The only limit would be is the files that you upload (videos & pictures) which is 16 MB. So if there is a need to upload something larger than 16 MB I suggest that you create your site using one of the 3 supported frameworks.


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Hi BV52,

I would like to know if there is a general storage limit for all my contents on 

The limit for file upload is 1000 MB (as i can see on this site) but is there a general limit for the whole content that I create? We would like to use as hosting solution for our university but therefore we need to know the total memory capacity for one organisation.

Thanks and best wishes



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There is a limit on the total depending on how many author accounts you want. If you reach out to [email protected] or answer the first email you got  you can request a quote which will include storage limits.