Editing questions in interactive video

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I have created two fill in the gaps questions as part of my interactive video but I am unable to get in and easily edit them. I seem to have to wait until I reach the point in the video before I can get in to make any changes.

Is there no method of scrubbing the timeline to get in and make the necessary changes? Also what are the buttons in the attached image for?



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Hi DelonC,

The pink dot below the video slider is the indicator for contents that are inside the IV (interactive Video). Once you click on this you will immediately be brought to the instance in the video that has a content.

Regarding the buttons: 

Flag - Bookmark Button - Simple way to introduce that part of the video. For example, in a long lesson where there are several topics this can help the user if they need to skip to that specific topic.

Toothed Gear - Settings for video quality (if available).

I hope this helps. If you need anything else feel free to post your question.


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As you may tell i am new to this and have since found that editing within the H5P site seems to be a lot easier than editing within the Moodle plug in which is what I was doing, the only drawback seems to be the size of the video file you can upload.