Presenation and cource presentation

First I thought the Presentation and the Cource prsentation module was the same module, but it looks like they are rather different.

The 613 Cloudberry Presentation module can be downloaded here:

And the 737 Cloudberry Cource presentation module can be downloaded here:

Are those two completely different modules or are the the same module with different configuration?

(I find the Cource presentation module (737) allmost easy to use while the other one the 613 is a bit more "tricky")

I know you can change the content of the texts on the left menu at the 737 module, but is it also possible to adjust the size of the text?
(I fint it a bit to big to make navigation texts long enough.)

Do the 613 module (Presentation) have the option of adding the left navigation menu like the 737 (Cource presentation) ? 

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Thank you for the feedback! You may decide if the left menu should be visible or not but you need to write css code to change the text size.

So "Presentation" and "Course Presentation" is then actually the same module. I tried to find where I could eneable/disable the left mnu, but I were not able to find it on the 613 module. 

Thanks for the tip regarding the CSS code. I guess "write css code" could also mean "find the CSS code and then modify it".

For later refferance. It apeared that if you generate a new Presentation module, during this dialogue you will have the option of selecting it with or without the left sidebar. Problem solved. 

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Yes, if you remove the left sidebar it isn't possible to turn it back on again.

You shouldn't update the existing css. Next time you update the module your css will be gone. Instead you should add your own css file with modifications so that you can update the Coursepresentation without any problems.