Content creation with teacher in Vietnam


I am Dags - a global citizen.  My name comes from Norway surname from Austria I was born in Latvia and lived in the UK for ten years. I’ve been living in Vietnam since January 2019. I originally came to Vietnam for three months to find a factory to manufacture sustainable vegan pulled pork made from Jackfruit. Regretfully, the Vietnam food processing industry is still developing, and factories are not currently capable of making our product on an industrial scale. Wanting to explore other opportunities, I took a job as an English teacher so that I could stay in Vietnam.  I graduated with TESOL online certificate to start my journey as English Teacher.  Subsequently, I have felt in love with developing ways to improve content and my teaching.  

I am always looking for the new thing to bring my teaching to the next level, and continuously strive to improve the level of English knowledge of Vietnamese students.  I installed moodle on my personal server which is located at my dad’s house.

I am doing this out of my new found passion for teaching and desire to prepare my students for the adult life.  I am currently teaching high school students aged 15-17

The h5p content I am looking for.

1.      Presentation skills

2.      Communication skills

3.      Debating skills

4.      Body language

5.      ESL Conversation English ((listening, reading, writing, speaking)

6.      Emotional Intelligence

7.      Teamwork skills

. My goal is to bring world class content to my awesome Vietnamese students.

My site is it is brand new and freshly installed.


I can be contacted by email [email protected] skype dagerz,  whatsupp +84 947098421


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist