How to change the limit of answers on single choice set?


Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to develop an activity for students where they'll be able to see a picture from a herb (since this is for the class of Herbology 3) and below this picture they'll have 119 answers available for them to select the right one. Being honest, I'm new on this H5P as our University recently added H5P on our Moodle. I noticed that the content type "Single choice set" could possibly be the best option to develop this activity but I noticed that it has a limit of 4 answers.

I did some research and I was able to download the single choice set as default as a .h5p file but when I unpacked it converting first to .zip and then doing the same process to convert it back to .h5p to upload it on the editor I'm getting these errors:

A valid content folder is missingGet help

A valid main h5p.json file is missing Get help

I'm doing this process to change the Max # of answer from 4 to 119 on the "semantics.json" and see if this allow me to continue. I would like to mention that I'm basically copying this content type becuase I don't know how to develop my own and I have spent hours searching online about how to do it but I'm having a hard time to get right results to start on this.

English isn't my native language so apologies on my grammar. 

I will be so so grateful if someone could help me with something of this or how can I start on this.

Thank you so much for your time, h5p will definitely help our students to have a better understanding of their classes.

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Hi scs-camilo,

Since you are using Moodle, why don't you just use one of the many question types available to you and make up a Quiz out of those?

Quite frankly I don't see the point of asking a student to select the correct answer to a question out of 119 possible answers. It simply does not make sense. Looking forward to your arguments.