Timeline Media Types Supported: Only YouTube URLs Work

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I am helping support a faculty member trying to get media assets in the Timeline content to work. The label on the field and the documentation are not exactly clear when it states:

URL to the media (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Google Maps and SoundCloud are currently supported).

The History of Strawberry examples provided use links to media assetts (direct URL to an image file) in Wikimedia Commons alone.

I set up a test to experiment here with the other media types listed with success only for YouTube media URLs.  https://kitchen.opened.ca/timeline-media/

In my developer console I do see a loading gif asset not found error from timeline.css:

timeline.css:1 GET https://kitchen.opened.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/1504/h5p/libraries/Ti... 404


Notes for each media type tried

  • Flickr. Link to flickr photo URL does not work, only by getting link to asset via downloads, all sizes.
  • YouTube. Works! note there is an error reported in console:
gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/3O7Z4xRa-E4?v=2&alt=jsonc&callback=jQuery19103778979329962726_1604776694252&_=1604776694253:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()


  • VImeo. Falled, displays "Loading..."
  • Google Maps. Failed. Tried both the URL in the map, as well as the share link. Seeing API errors in console (related to changes in Google Maps API??)
js?key=AIzaSyDUHXB8hefYssfwGpySnQmzTqL9n0qZ3T4&v=3.9&libraries=places&sensor=false&callback=VMM.ExternalAPI.googlemaps.onMapAPIReady:39 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined    at Pa (js?key=AIzaSyDUHXB8hefYssfwGpySnQmzTqL9n0qZ3T4&v=3.9&libraries=places&sensor=false&callback=VMM.ExternalAPI.googlemaps.onMapAPIReady:39)    at new qj (js?key=AIzaSyDUHXB8hefYssfwGpySnQmzTqL9n0qZ3T4&v=3.9&libraries=places&sensor=false&callback=VMM.ExternalAPI.googlemaps.onMapAPIReady:145)    at Object.createAPIMap (timeline-min.js?2.24:12)    at Object.create (timeline-min.js?2.24:12)    at Object.pushQue (timeline-min.js?2.24:12)    at Object.onAPIReady (timeline-min.js?2.24:12)    at Object.onMapAPIReady (timeline-min.js?2.24:12)    at js?key=AIzaSyDUHXB8hefYssfwGpySnQmzTqL9n0qZ3T4&v=3.9&libraries=places&sensor=false&callback=VMM.ExternalAPI.googlemaps.onMapAPIReady:149    at js?key=AIzaSyDUHXB8hefYssfwGpySnQmzTqL9n0qZ3T4&v=3.9&libraries=places&sensor=false&callback=VMM.ExternalAPI.googlemaps.onMapAPIReady:149
  • Twitter.  Using a twitter URl for an asset fails, but one can use the URL for an inside a tweet.
  • SoundCloud. Using a link to a soundcloud clip does not work
  • Wikimedia.  Technically it is Wikimedia Commons. Link to the item's page does not work, one needs to locate a direct link to a Wikimedia Commons hosted image.

Perhaps the instructions need to be more clear if these media types are not supported or if hotlinks to images need to be used. The documentation for timeline.js indicates these and more should work.

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