Save content state


I see that the save content state doesn't work for all content types. Can you provide a list for the content types that do support this feature pls.



Save content state
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Hi Bez,

I'm compiling the list and I should be able to post that here within the week.


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Hi Bez,

Below is the list of content types that supports save content state:

  1. Column
  2. Dialog Cards
  3. Dictation
  4. Drag and Drop
  5. Drag the Words
  6. Essay
  7. Fill in the Blanks
  8. Mark the Words
  9. Multiple Choice
  10. Questionnaire
  11. Quiz (Question Set)
  12. Single Choice Set
  13. Summary
  14. True/False
  15. Interactive Video
  16. Course Presentation
  17. Advanced Fill in the Blanks

Please note that I compiled this list by checking the code and did not actually test the contents one by one. So if there are contents that are on the list but save content state is not working feel free to post a bug report.