GeoGebra and H5P

Is it possible to integrate GeoGebra files in H5P?

GeoGebra applets can be embedded in a webpage with an IFRAME...

Another option is a link to the GeoGebra website

Oefeningen op machten – GeoGebra

This could be very usefull



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Hi ivandewinne!

What benefit would you gain from putting Geogebra into an H5P wrapper and then putting the H5P content into a web page over putting Geogebra's iframe into a webpage directly?



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Hi Oliver,

This is actually quite a biggy for me. I use Geogebra a lot for interactive demos and investigations that I then want to quiz the students on.

I currently do it by using a Column content type with the Geobebra embeded via the (now deprecated) iframe embed, and then follow up with the other content.

As I have said previously, as fantastic as H5P is - we have to accept that it cannot do everything. The iframe embed allows a consistent interface and keeps everything wrapped together.

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Hi SparTacuS!

My intention was neither to suggest that H5P could do anything (Where did you read that in between the lines? - Hell, I know too many features that miss myself!) nor that there was no case for Geogebra in it, but your description made me wonder what you were actually asking for - now it is more clear.

If Geogebra has some API to include content beyond embedding (might be, see and, than it'd probably be possible to create some form of Geogebra Viewer, yes.