Centos 6.6 / Drupal - Can not install H5P

I first intstalled H5P on Centos 6.5 / 32/Drupal 7. This worked without to many problems.

I then desided to make a new and bether test server and installed Centos 6.6/64/Drupal7 on slightly bether hardware.

On the Centos 6.6 the H5P module installed and vere activated "like normal" but it apeared to be impossible to opload any content/modules. (Like 613.H5P and 737.HMP). I get this error msg also on the smallest H5P content modules:

  • Warning: move_uploaded_file(public://h5p/temp/h5p-5460dc7b1f9f3/737.h5p): failed to open stream: "DrupalPublicStreamWrapper::stream_open" call failed in drupal_move_uploaded_file() (line 1642 of /var/www/html/drupal/includes/file.inc).
  • Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpCL3pte' to 'public://h5p/temp/h5p-5460dc7b1f9f3/737.h5p' in drupal_move_uploaded_file() (line 1642 of /var/www/html/drupal/includes/file.inc).
  • File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.

I tried to reboot the Linux server, I have disabled Iptables (Linux firewall) and I have also disables the "selinux functionality". I think I made the same configuration at the php.ini for the working and non working server.

Does anyone have an ide what error this might be and how to correct it?

It apeared it was som problems under the admin menu Home->Administration->Status report.
After correcting these purely Drupal related problems everything worked fine.
(I never used Drupal before starting the testing of H5P)

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Thanks for reporting. Maybe others will run into the same problems and get help by reading this post :)