Reinstall Course Presentation

I use Course Presentation version 1.22.2  on my Moodle server.
In August there was a update by the hub. And some time ago, I discovered, that newer course-presentations have a massive problem:

1. Old course presentations work fine.

2. Newer course presentations also work fine, when there is only text in them, or there are only images in them. But if both are there, the presentation does not show at all. When I insert in such a presentation a shape to the text and the image, then the presentation works again.

I would be just happy with that workaround, but some of our teachers are very unhappy. They dont like the idea of a system thats not working perfectly.

So I searched in the log-files. The files on the server are ok. There is nothing missing or no old file version. I believe, that during the update in august something went wrong, and the problem is written in the database.

I would like to reinstall the course presentation, without distroying existing presentations. I read one of your forum topics about this, but unfortenatly the file, which is presented for updating is older than my version of course presentation. Do you have a file of the newest course presentation, which I can use for a reinstallation of the plugin?

Thank you   :-)