Importing H5P

Hi there,

I am new to h5p and to this community, so I apologize aforehand if my question is silly.

I struggle with importing h5p file to Opigno (learning system running on Drupal). The file was originally created on Moodle, then downloaded as zip package to my desktop. Now, I´d like to upload the H5p to Opigno, however when selecting the option "upload" and the file, nothing happens. Tried in different browsers.

Any help or advise is appreciated!


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Hi Kristina, it should be downloaded with a .h5p extension as opposed to .zip 

Are there any error messages showing when you upload it?

Hi Tim,

thansk for responding.

The file is downloaded as ZIP by default from moodle, is there any extention I need to install on my pc to have it in .h5p format?


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Hi Kristina, are you downloading the H5P by pressing the 'download' button just below the frame of the content type?