500 Error when adding new H5P course activity

New moodle install, 3.10, Hosted on Ionos using a shared host.

When I try to add course activities of type H5P I am getting a 500 error when I hit the "Install" Button with the message "Unable to Interpret response"

When I look at my counsole output it shows the 500 error but it looks like moodle is redirecting to my web hosts landing page (Ionos). 

I have tried installing and reinstalling the plugin till I am blue in the face, once the error occurs, I lose the icons for the "Downloaded" content types in the selection list.


At which point it will let me add it, but does not interpet it correctly...

I have tried manually uploading the course presentation h5p file and it acts like it takes it then gives me the same editor as above.

With all this being said, I am no Unix or PHP expert..if it were asp.net I would have had it up and runing in like an hour :)  please help!


Thanks in advance,



Is something being blocked at the H5P end? I cannot install any content types from within the plugin:

Failed to download the requested H5P.

cURL error 6: Could not resolve: api.h5p.org (Could not contact DNS servers)Get help

I have found that connecting over VPN to add new content types seems to resolve this..

I doubt it is DNS, It is definitely ionos though, I tested it on my windows server (discountasp.net) and it works fine.


Ionos failing to connect to DNS perhaps.

More importantly how does it get fixed...?

How does it get fixed?

Thanks Brian

Any idea how it gets fixed?