Call Moodle webservice inside h5p activity



I need to adjust the h5p-interactive-video because I need to connect to another video plattform where I've a video-id only. My problem is that I need to call a Moodle webservice in my custom h5p-interactive-video. Calling a Moodle webservice requires a "sesskey" parameter and I've no idea where I can get this parameter in my h5p activity.

In a "normal" Moodle activity I would require core/ajax and do to request a Moodle webservice. But in the h5p-interactive-video, doing this results in something like "Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'core/ajax' in 'h5p-interactive-video\src\scripts'".

So, any idea how to call a Moodle webservice in my h5p activity?

Hi mstimvol,
Just wondering if you have found a solution for that? I am also wondering how to call a Moodle webservice from an H5P module.

Thank you in advance for sharing.