Integration with .net core


we have LMS that is on .net core for the backend and angularjs for the frontend. We would like to integrate h5p content creation and content viewing on our platform.

Is there any way of doing that without digging through drupal, wordpress plugings and php library?

Is there a plan for that in the roadmap?



Integration with .net
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Hi Danijel!

To the best of my knowledge, the H5P core team has no plans to either create more plugins nor to port the core to other platforms. But there's precedence for others doing both: Others have created plugins for Stud.IP, ILIAS or Typo3 and there's also a port of H5P core to node.js - so it seems to be possible :-)


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A few years ago, someone posted in the forum that they are working on a ASP.NET (no core) version of H5P, but they sadly, never came round to publishing the code. To my knowledge there currently is no open source ASP.NET implementation of H5P. This means you'll have to dig through the PHP implementation to write your own.

I've been heavily involved in writing a NodeJS / TypeScript version of the H5P server (, which is pretty advanced by now. It tries to follow proper object-oriented patterns and is cleaner than the PHP original, which suffers from some heavy technical debt and is poorly documented. So I'd honestly recommend looking at our version of H5P if you want to try writing one for ASP.NET Core. It might even be possible to port a lot of the code from our project, as I used to develop in C# and it has influenced the style of the library quite a bit.

An even better alternative might be to use the nodejs library to develop a microservice that runs fully independently and that can be integrated with all kinds of technology. This should certainly be possible and easier than rewriting the H5P server from scratch once again. If this is a viable approach depends on whether your LMS can handle microservices.


Thank you for the fast response. We were thinking about another way, a work around maybe. We havent tried it yet but idea is that we take wordpress page and embed it to our page. Did anyone had a similar idea?