How to change GID to 0 and REALM is all in node_access?

Dear All,

I used h5p module on drupal7 to create interactive content. When i save content for all user, however anonymous user can't access interactive content. I can change on node_access table Grant id (gid) from 1 to 0 and realm quiz_question to all, so anonymous user can see.

How to set gid = 0 and realm = all when i create new interactive content? I can't find on the code of h5p module.

When i edited an interactive content with editor role, the title of interactive content losted. other content no problem.

Please help me how to fix it?

Thank you so much,


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This seems to be related to the quiz_h5p module. Are you using quiz 4 or quiz 5? I suggest you raise an issue in the relevant Drupal project page. H5P doesn't have any code related to this.